Bond Tested:Book 2

Bond Tested

About the Book

After surviving a nightmarish full moon attack by anti-human werewolves, Katie Connelly quickly discovers that life with new bond-mate Rafe isn’t about to get any less complicated. With a mountain of late work projects to deliver and her family desperate to reconnect after her weeklong disappearance, Katie struggles to make time for her most important job: helping a werewolf who’s never lived among humans adjust to life in San Francisco.

Rafe Whelan will do anything for his bond-mate—even try to adapt to a place that overwhelms his senses, leaving him vulnerable and insecure. When he runs into another werewolf while exploring near the Golden Gate Bridge, her offer to teach him how to survive among humankind gives Rafe hope that his and Katie’s unconventional arrangement might actually work.

But trouble follows Rafe and Katie wherever they go. From familial disapproval, to the re-appearance of a persistent ex-boyfriend, to a stunning development that changes everything, their impossible bond is tested at every turn. As another full moon approaches, their past and present collide to trigger a chain of events that will alter their lives forever.


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